bubble ball Concept

Are you looking for a fun new sport where you can let off steam, have fun with your family and friends, and laugh the entire time?

Then Desert Bubble Ball is here to help! Bubble Ball is a full-contact sport played in an air-filled bubble. You’ll laugh…get knocked over… and laugh some more. You’ll be having so much fun you might not even be able to focus on the actual soccer part. Anyone can play, no matter your age, gender, or sports-playing skills.

Each player is protected by a large, transparent bubble that covers the entire body except for the lower legs with an opening above the head. You can get knocked over, land on your head, and you won’t feel a thing!

Desert Bubble Ball is a great option for birthday parties for any age, corporate parties, bachelor parties, and fun get-togethers with friends. Need to settle some office disputes? Take out your frustrations in a healthy way by knocking each other over in giant bubbles.

You supply the location, and we bring the bubbles and all the equipment. If you’re looking for a unique experience,
try out Desert Bubble Ball!

to play Bubble Ball

Two teams are required to play, either 4 against 4 or 5 against 5 or more. Teams must play within the designated field area that has been prepared prior to the game and checked for any risks to player and bubble. Each team can come up with a special bubble choreography in celebration for each goal scored.

Prior to the start of the game, each player will put on a bubble that protects the player from their head to their knees and prepares them for contact ... It is important to specify that no person will be equipped with a tip to puncture the opponent's ball.

Go, have a blast! The referee starts the beginning of the game and the winning team will be the one who scores more goals than his opponent.

No need to be a professional soccer player since childhood, your best quality will be to let it go and second, to have fun!

If desired, the referee will film the action in order to offer you a souvenir of this fun moment so you can keep it and watch it with your friends afterwards.

to play bubble ball

The team Desert Bubble Ball comes to you and tries to find a room or outdoors slot compatible with the activity. Just find other players to fill a half or a full day of activity and we come to you on request.

Ready to play Bubble Ball?

Complete the form and we will contact you quickly. To confirm your reservation you must receive an answer by email or phone.

Once we have received this information Dessert Bubble Ball can confirm availability. To reserve your booking we require a deposit of $300. On the day of your event we have staff that will attend to make sure everything runs smoothly. We tend to arrive 30-60 minutes prior to the event to set up. Travel costs are charged and vary depending on the location of your event.

*Please note that you are responsible for acquiring the event venue. If canceling event, 50% refund will be given if made more than 1 week in advance. Remainder 50% amount will be forfeited. ** Ask about re-scheduling opportunity **

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I go about renting Bubble Ball for my party?

Please fill out our online form and we will get back to you within 1 business day.

  • How much does it cost to rent the bubbles?

Our prices are listed in the Rental section of the website. We reserve the right to change prices depending on the services requested.

  • Is the time that it takes to set up the field included in the hour that I pay for?

No. We start the clock for the hour rental when the ball starts rolling. If you pay for 60 minutes, you will play for 60 minutes.

  • Can I rent a location where I can play the soccer game?

Location is not included and needs to be arranged by you. Travel fees might apply in events 25 miles from Palm Desert or greater. We bring the equipment to where you decide to have the event. Some suggestions are local parks or schools. Be sure to check with them first for availability, and keep in mind that some parks might charge a fee or require a permit before the event.

  • Is it necessary for the soccer field to be full size?

No, sometimes smaller is better! A smaller field could increase collision, which also increases the fun level! A 5-on-5 game would be played well on a basketball-court sized field.

  • Does Bubble Ball have to be played outdoors?

You can play Bubble Ball indoors or outdoors, depending on your preference. For hotter summer days, we recommend that you find a space at least the size of a basketball court indoors to play the game. Bubble Ball is not fun in temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit!

  • Is there any equipment I have to bring along to the game?

No, we provide all the equipment: bubbles, goals, and soccer balls. But it is a good idea to bring things that you would take to a soccer game: sunscreen, water, towels, and kneepads for extra protection.






  • Do we need to sign a waiver in order to play?

Yes, a waiver is required to play bubble soccer. Bubble Ball is a sport, and even though the bubble protects you, there is still a risk of physical injury.  We give tips on how to play safely, but ultimately you are responsible for playing safely. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign their liability waiver.

  • Do I have to blow up the bubbles before the game?

No, we have the equipment to inflate them and they will be ready to go before your game begins.

  • Who can play Bubble Ball?

Anybody in relatively good physical condition can play Bubble Ball! Bubble Ball is not recommended for pregnant women or individuals with heart conditions.

  • Can I rent the bubbles and blow them up and use them by myself?

No. We have specially trained staff who inflate and deflate the equipment. We also require that our staff be present when the bubbles are in use to ensure the safety of both players and bubbles.

  • Is the game played exactly like a normal soccer game, but with bubbles?

Bubble Ball is played like soccer, but not exactly the same. There are some modifications to make it more fun. Can you run into your opponent in regular soccer without a penalty? No. In Bubble Ball, impact is encouraged and is part of the fun! You can modify the rules depending on how you want to play the game.

  • I’m not very good at sports, can I still play!

Anyone can play bubble soccer, whether you’re sports-savvy or not. It’s easy to learn and fun to play!

  • Do I have to be a certain height to play?

No. We have bubbles available for all heights, starting from 4 feet and taller. For smaller children, we will use our discretion to determine whether they are tall enough to play safely. If you’re very tall, we recommend that you bring kneepads for extra protection.

  • Is there a weight requirement?

Yes. The maximum weight for participants is 195 pounds.

  • Do you have an age requirement?

We have bubbles for all ages. If you are renting for children, please let us know. We recommend that players be at least 8 years old and up.

  • Do I need to tie up my long hair?

Yes! Rolling upside down in the bubble can catch your hair and pull it. We definitely recommend securing hair before entering the bubble.

  • How much does the bubble weigh?

The bubbles each way about 25 pounds, and they are about 5 feet wide.

  • How do I get in the bubble?

Each bubble has an opening in the middle where your body goes. Each bubble has shoulder harness straps and handles to hold onto while inside. The referee will demonstrate how to get in and out of the bubble before the game starts. It’s not difficult, and it will take just a few times to get the hang of it.

  • Can I use my camera while playing in the bubble?

No. It is not safe and there is not enough space in the bubble to use a camera. We provide videos of your experience for a small fee.

  • Is bubble soccer fun?

Ask the many Bubble Ball past participants if they’ve had fun, and I’m sure you’ll get a great response! It’s a great way to relieve stress and try something new!

I have a question that I don’t see on the list here. How do I find the answer?

Please email us or give us a call! We would love to hear your questions.


Whether you are having a birthday party, bachelor party, corporate event or just want to have fun with family and friends, we have the perfect package for you. Packages are all-inclusive. We bring the equipment and set it up before your hour begins.

Package #1

The FUN Plan

One hour of Bubble Ball for up to 10 players

This package includes 10 Bubble Balls, field setup including but not limited to:
goals, field markers, team color vests, soccer balls, music, and referee.
Price $300


Package #2

One hour of Bubble Ball for up to 20 players

This package includes everything that comes with the FUN Plan, but can include more players.

Price: $400


2 hours of Bubble Ball for up to 20 players

This package includes everything that comes with the SUPER FUN Plan, but is for 2 hours of fun instead of just 1!
Price: $600


Package #3

($25 for any additional player over the maximum of 20 players. Last minute additional players will be charged the $25 fee plus a processing fee.)
We have a video service that can be added to your package. We record both on the ground and from the air. Contact us for pricing.
Please contact us for larger group events or to customize a plan to fit your needs.

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